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On April 10th and 11th, 2014, the Center of Civil Law Studies hosted an international conference on The Louisiana Civil Code Translation Project: Enhancing visibility and promoting the Civil Law in English.

International experts in legal translation from all parts of the world, including USA, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Bailiwick of Jersey, met in Baton Rouge to discuss

various topics such as:

–          Common Law vs. Droit civil: an odd couple?

–          Why translate a Code?

–          The challenges of promoting French civil law into English…

The 37th Tucker Lecture in Civil Law was the keynote event: Justice Nicholas Kasirer, of the highest court in Québec, former Dean of the McGill Law School, discussed That Montreal Sound: The Influence of French Legal Ideas and the French Language on the Civil Law Expressed in English.

The events ended with a wonderful reception at beautiful Nottoway Plantation.

The conference was a great success and the papers will be published in the Journal of Civil Law Studies. The CCLS team is delighted to share a few pictures.


Left to right, Prof. Olivier Moréteau, Prof. Michel Séjean, Prof. Jean-Claude Gémar with Justice Nicholas Kasirer, 37th Tucker Lecturer

Crowd Tucker

A well-attended Tucker Lecture


Prof. Moréteau introducing Justice Kasirer


Justice Nicholas Kasirer delivering the 37th Tucker Lecture


Listening to that Montreal sound

Agustin & Jennifer

Dr. Agustin Parise, former CCLS Research Associate, with Jennifer Lane, CCLS Coordinator, who organized all details of the events: thank you, Jennifer!


Dr. François-Xavier Licari, Mr. Jean-Claude Brunet, Consul General of France in New Orleans, and Prof. Moréteau at the Tucker reception


Inaugurating the conference and welcoming participants

Moreteau & Pascal

Prof. Moréteau inviting Prof. Emeritus Robert Pascal to comment on the publication of the Compiled Edition of the Civil Codes of Louisiana, now available online


Alexandru-Daniel On, CCLS Research Associate, giving his remarks


Dr. Agustin Parise, Prof. Sylvie Monjean-Decaudin & Prof. Michel Séjean


Dr. Dominique Garreau and Dr. François-Xavier Licari (front) and the three CCLS translators Giorgia Fabris, Oriane Defoix and Melissa Richard (back)


A quartet of panelists: Dr. Matthias Martin, Mr. Stephen Pallot, Prof. Claire Germain & Prof. Randy Trahan

DSC00766 2

A. Parise, J. Lane, A.D. On, M. Séjean & O. Moréteau

Group in front of law school

Several steps higher with Jean-Claude Gémar, Sylvie Monjean-Decaudin, Dominique Garreau, Enrica Bracchi & Matthias Martin


En route to White Castle with Prof. Vivian Curran and Prof. David Gruning (front)


Three promising comparative law scholars, Alexandru-Daniel On, Agustin Parise & Serban Vacarelu, proud LSU LL.M. graduates


Conference crowd at Nottoway Plantation


Taking the tour at Nottoway Plantation


V. Curran, M. Martin, A.D. On, M. Séjean & S. Monjean-Decaudin


M. Martin, A.D. On, M. Séjean, S. Monjean-Decaudin & Anne Wagner at Nottoway Plantation


Vivian Curran, Claire Germain and her husband Stuart Basefsky, at the closing dinner at Nottoway Plantation. Our apologies to Alain Levasseur and Anne-Sophie Hulin who do not appear on the forefront of our pictures: like all others they gave great presentations and also emptied their glass!

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