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The 4th Worldwide Congress of the World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists in Pictures

McGill University, Faculty of Law, June 24-26, 2015.  

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Three LSU Faculty to Present at the Fourth Worldwide Congress of The World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists

The World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists Fourth Worldwide Congress McGill University Faculty of Law, Montreal, Canada June 24-26, 2015 “The Scholar, Teacher, Judge, and Jurist in a Mixed Jurisdiction” Professors Paul Baier, Missy Lonegrass and Olivier Moréteau are presenting papers: … Continue reading

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History of Codification in Louisiana and Quebec

John Cairns (Edinburgh)’s Codification, Transplants and History: Law Reform in Louisiana (1808) and Quebec (1866) (The Lawbook Exchange, 2015) is now available: When Louisiana enacted its Digest of the Civil Laws in 1808 and Quebec its Civil Code of Lower Canada in … Continue reading

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L’équipe de choc du CCLS / The CCLS Summer Team

Sarah Charlat, Delphine Drouard and Sara Vono are ending this weekend a very fruitful and enjoyable three-month internship, a crown on their Master’s Program in Trilingual Legal Studies at University of Nantes. The translation of the Louisiana Civil Code into … Continue reading

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LSU at Maastricht University

On June 1, Prof. Olivier Moréteau gave a presentation at the Maastricht University European Private Law Institute as part of the M-EPLI Talks. 2 former LSU Distinguished Foreign Visitors, 3 LSU LL.M. graduates, 2 former CCLS Research Associates, 3 current CCLS Contributing … Continue reading

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Il Codice Civile, The First Translation of the French Civil Code

Sara V. Pic, Reference Librarian at the Law Library of Louisiana (400 Royal Street, New Orleans), assembled a unique exhibition on the Italian translation of the Napoleonic Code. The Il Codice Civile exhibition can also be visited online.

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