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Geoengineering tag cloud Why Hacking the Atmosphere Won’t Happen Any Time Soon Michael Zürn & Stefan Schäfer, The paradox of climate engineering, 4 Global Policy 266–277 (2013).  

Focus on Climate Engineering: Intentional Intervention in the Climate System;jsessionid=625A3B85BB9B43FA186F913679972043.c3 INTRODUCTION Part of Focus on Climate Engineering: Intentional Intervention in the Climate System Geoengineering techniques for countering climate change have been receiving much press recently as a `Plan B’ if a global deal to tackle climate change is not agreed…

Public Relations for Diversions 101

Answering 10 Fundamental Questions about the Mississippi River Delta (original link) This is one of many reports advocating for river diversions. The basic claim is simple: Diversions will have impacts on vegetation, particularly on the distribution of some plant species. However,…

Ocean Rise in New York State

New York State Sea Level Rise Task Force, Report to the Legislature, December 2010.

The communities along New York State’s coastline, including their structures, their residents, their environment and the surrounding natural resources, are products of decisions made over the course of many years. These decisions shaped decades of investment, development and conservation. While the extent of the impacts to coastal communities from a rising sea are not fully known, even the most conservative projections make clear that there will be dramatic changes in this century.[…]