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Climate Change Communication and Denial

A primary issue in addressing climate change is that many people either deny its existence or deny or downplay man’s role in driving it. The usual answer is that we need more education about climate science. Cultural cognition research questions…

IPCC Reports

IPCC Home Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report – Fifth Assessment Report Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report – Summary for Policymakers Graphics Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report – Summary for Policymakers – Overall Slides Slides from the report topics IPCC_Graphics_SPM IPCC_Graphics_Topic_1…

Coastal Sea Level Rise Resources

Surging Seas – Flood risks with climate change on the US coast (Climate Central) Excellent site for illustrating the current and future risk of sea level rise. It is also useful for showing what lower levees of hurricane storm tides…

Climate Change and Polar Ecosystems

“The polar regions are experiencing rapid changes in climate. These changes are causing observable ecological impacts of various types and degrees of severity at all ecosystem levels, including society. Even larger changes and more significant impacts are anticipated. As species respond to changing environments over time, their interactions with the physical world and other organisms can also change. This chain of interactions can trigger cascades of impacts throughout entire ecosystems. Evaluating the interrelated physical, chemical, biological, and societal components of polar ecosystems is essential to understanding their vulnerability and resilience to climate forcing.”

Frontiers in Understanding Climate Change and Polar Ecosystems: Summary of a Workshop Committee for the Workshop on Frontiers in Understanding Climate Change and Polar Ecosystems; National Research Council, NAP (2011)