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Hurricane Surge on the Louisiana Coast

Hurricane Surge Hazard Primer – Bob Jacobsen (2016) This Hurricane Surge Hazard Primer summarizes important basic technical information about surge phenomena, hazard, and risk. It provides an overview of surge hazard analysis, including uncertainty in surge hazard estimates. Importantly, this…

Cost of Hurricane Katrina Relief and Rebuilding

Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan, Mortgages and Disasters A Ticking Bomb? (2014) Hurricane Katrina Fact File – Insurance Information Institute (2010) Towers Watson, Hurricane Katrina: Analysis of the Impact on the Insurance Industry (2005) After Hurricane Katrina: How federal aid helped the…

Coastal Denial – Flood, what flood?

Bay St. Louis, Miss., officials want high-water markers placed by the state at Mississippi Highway 603 and Interstate 10 camouflaged so they no longer commemorate the tragedies of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. … Councilman Doug Seal said the markers are detrimental to attracting businesses that might want to relocate here, especially on undeveloped property around the interstate and Highway 603 juncture.