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CRS – Flood Damage Related to Army Corps of Engineers Projects

CRS – Flood Damage Related to Army Corps of Engineers Projects: Selected Legal Issues, June 7, 2011 (RL34131) Summary Over the past century, the federal government has undertaken a number of civil works projects to prevent widespread damage from flooding…

5th Circuit Upholds Ruling in Katrina Levee Breaches Litigation – Update – Case rejected

Update:¬†Court dismisses Katrina Levee Breach cases under FTCA – In re Katrina Canal Breaches Litigation, 696 F.3d 436 (5th Cir.(La.) 2012) Additional cases and commentary The 5th Circuit just affirmed the lower court decision in the Katrina Levee Breaches Litigation.…

The Mississippi River and Tributaries Project

The Mississippi River & Tributaries Project:Controlling the Flow – a description of the operation of the lower Mississippi flood control plan. (accessed May 8, 2011)

This is the Army Corps of Engineers explanation of the Mississippi River flood control system and how it would be used to control a flood. It details the the use of the floodways and the river flow levels that will trigger their use.[…]

Mississippi River Flood of 2011

At least as to river heights, the Flood of 2011 may be second or third largest Mississippi River Flood in modern times. Total volume of the flood is hard to compare because the river and the tributaries are more constrained than in the past. Water in a leveed river will be much higher than in a river without levees where it can spread out horizontally.

Projected flood heights – NOAA (Morganza floodway projections)[…]

The Control of Nature – Morganza Spillway

John McPhee has written a fascinating history of the River Control Structure at Morganza. While it is not clear that the Mississippi still wants to go down the¬†Atchafalaya, losing the River Control Structure in a flood would still be a…

Blowing the Mississippi Levee – 2011

This post reviews the ongoing legal issues in the blowing of the levee at Birds Point. While the levee has not been blown since 1937, this was also litigated in 1984.