Hammond Wetland Wastewater Assimilation Project – Sewage Diversion

This project dumps partially treated sewage into the wetlands. The rationale is that this sewage will build new wetlands. The reality is that it saves fixing the treatment plant and is destroying the wetlands.

Hammond-WW-Attainability-5-01-05¬†Consultant’s report justifying the project. 2005

wetland_DEQ Hammond РLouisiana DEQ letter discussing problems with the treatment plant. 2007

2008 Hammond Wetland Assimilation Annual Report

Hammond GRN comments¬†– Comments on behalf of Gulf Restoration Network (GRN), the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN), and O’Neil Couvillion on the draft LPDES permit proposed for the City of Hammond’s South Slough Wetland Wastewater Assimilation Project (hereinafter “South Slough”). The comments are critical of the performance of the project. 2009

Wetland Evaluation Report: South Slough Wetland Study Hammond, Louisiana (Naturally Wallace Consulting 2019)