Course Information and Resources

Course Information

The text is Dycus, Stephen, William C. Banks, Peter Raven Hansen, and Stephen I. Vladeck. National Security Law, Seventh Edition, Aspen Publishers, 2020. You MUST have the 7th Edition. It is significantly changed from the previous editions. You should also buy the 2022-2023 supplement. A LOT has happened since the 2021-2022 supplement – the Jan 6th insurrection prosecutions, the war in Ukraine, mishandling of classified documents by President Trump, just to mention a few high points. Additional supplemental materials, course materials, and assignments will be posted on this site.


Under the new law school attendance policy, you will need to log into Moodle during the first 15 minutes of class and record your attendance. If you are delayed, you will be able to log in as late. Occasional late attendance will not count against you, but a consistent pattern of late attendance will be a problem. Instructions for marking attendance are here: Moodle: How to use the Attendance activity (Students)

Poll Everywhere

We will use Poll Everywhere for polling during the class sessions. You respond through a URL and you do not need to buy a license. You need to set up your username and log on for Poll Everywhere. You must use your real name because this will be used to track your participation.

Poll Everywhere

Unless we are doing a check in where I ask everyone to log in to make sure things are working, the polls are set up so your name will only be visible to me. Any polls that ask for personal information or opinions will be anonymous (I will not be able to see your name) to encourage you to be honest. The in-class polls will not be graded, but participation will count toward class participation points. Class participation can raise or lower your grade by up to 0.3 points.