Journal of Civil Law Studies, Volume 14 (2021-2022)

The Journal of Civil Law Studies, Volume 14 (2021-2022) is now online.

In a three-page Avant-Propos, the Editor-in-Chief explains:

Volume 14 of the Journal of Civil Law Studies is published one year behind schedule, proving the fragility and the resilience of the operation. Fragility, as it was hit by a series of events, such as the COVID pandemic that paralyzed many human ventures all over the world. Fragility, because human causes impacted the personal life of its major actors, such as the Editor-in-Chief’s unexpected long-time leave and the Managing-Editors moving to other places. Resilience, because editing continued thanks to devoted LL.M. graduates who answered the call and joined the Center of Civil Law Studies as Research Associates. Resilience, because the team did not give up and the venture is too successful to fail. Volume 14 of 2021 comes out as Volume 14 of 2021-2022. After Volume 15 of 2022-2023, the Journal will try to come back to two annual issues matching the calendar year.


  • In Penalty Default Rules in Quebec Contract Law, Zackary Goldford brings a civil law voice to a U.S. conversation of default rules that thus far focused on economic analysis.
  • In Performatives in Argentine Supreme Court Dissents: A Jurilinguistic Proposal for Civilian Change Based on the American Common Law, Mariano Vitetta uses the U.S. experience to improve the publication of Argentine Supreme Court dissents.
  • David Marrani uses his experience as former dean of the Jersey Law Institute to enrich a philosophical discussion of legal education in micro jurisdictions.
  • Mariusz Fras connects business associations and civil liability in a comparative discussion of the doctrine of veil-piercing liability in Poland and Selected Countries.

Civil Law Translations:

  • The entire Book II of the Civil Code of Louisiana (Things and the Different Modifications of Ownership) is published in English and Spanish.
  • The Civil Code of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is published in Korean and in English with an Introductory Note by Joseph Cho, the translator.

Civil Law in the World features three national reports:

  • Codification of Civil Law in Azerbaijan: History, Current Situation and Development Perspectives, by Natig Khalilov
  • Natural and Artificial Neural Networks: The Chilean Legal Framework, by Carlos Amunátegui Perelló
  • The Constitutional Reshaping of South Africa’s Succession Laws, by François du Toit

Rediscovered Treasures of Louisiana Law publishes a letter by Colonel John H. Tucker, jr., on the 1969 Reprint of the de la Vergne Volume (Digest of 1808), with an introduction by Olivier Moréteau and Agustín Parise.

Three case notes by LSU Law graduates are published in the Civil Law in Louisiana feature, and two book reviews complete the volume.

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