Professor Moréteau Discusses the French Civil Code with Doctoral Students in Qatar

On January 31, 2021, Professor Olivier Moréteau was a guest lecturer in Professor Mohamed Mattar’s course on “Comparative Legal Systems,” at Qatar University College of Law in Doha. This course is part of the newly created doctoral program that Professor Moréteau helped evaluate at the time of his visit to Qatar in November 2018.

The topic was “Changes Made to the French Civil Code” in a comparative perspective. The presentation took place on Zoom and was followed with a rich discussion with Dr. Mattar and the doctoral candidates.

Screen photo of the participants taken during the Zoom session. Top left: the group in Qatar; top right: prof. Moreteau. Below: Dr. Mohamed Mattar

The Qatar doctoral group with Prof. Moréteau (in Baton Rouge) and Prof. Mattar (in Doha)

Book cover of the trilingual French Civil Code in French, Arabic, and English

Book cover of the French Civil Code in French, Arabic, and English, edited by Prof. Michel Séjean

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