JCLS Volume 11 Number 2 is Available Online

With the publication of Number 2 , Volume 11 of the Journal of Civil Law Studies (2018) is now entirely online. This issue contains rich articles addressing legal transplants in general with alchemistic metaphors and in the context of 19th century Poland, interaction between national legal systems from an economic perspective, and data ownership. It also includes a discussion on recent developments of medical liability in Italy (Civil Law in the World), several case notes (Civil Law in Louisiana), and a translation of the Preliminary Discourse to the Teatro of the universal legislation of Spain, with an introductory essay demonstrating its relevance to the study of the Louisiana Civil Code (Rediscovered Treasures of Louisiana Law).

Click here to access the Journal of Civil Law Studies.

Image of the Cover of JCLS Volume 11 no. 2 with table of contents

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