Dr. Agustín Parise Visits at LSU Law

Dr. Agustín Parise, LL.M. LSU 2006, visited from the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands, where he is Assistant Professor of Law. Parise holds two doctorates in law, one from his alma mater the University of Buenos Aires, and one from his new home, the University of Maastricht.

In his capacity as Distinguished Global Visitor, a program revived after a few years of suspension, Dr. Parise taught a one-credit course on EU in the Legal and Cultural Context, to 23 students. One of them said:

It’s truly remarkable how much we were able to cover in our short time together, and it was an invaluable experience. I hope that this short course continues for years to come!

During his almost three-week visit, Parise was very generous with his time. On February 27, Parise met with LL.M. and International Students, telling them how to get published in a law review, and how to move on with an LL.M. and international experience. On March 1, he was the guest of two active student organizations, the International Law Society and the Hispanic Law Student Association, presenting on “The Spanish Connection: An Hispanic Perspective on the Past, Present, and Future of Louisiana Law.” He reminded enthusiastic Latino students how important it is to remember one’s origins and be proud of them.

On March 5, Agustín Parise presented to the faculty on “Argentine Civil and Commercial Code (2015): A Litvinoffian Approach to a Novel Corpus of the Law.” He elegantly brought back the memory of Saúl Litvinoff when discussing the move from first to third generation civil code and the drafting of the new law. On March 6, he was a key actor in the event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Journal of Civil Law Studies. Parise was the Center of Civil Law Studies’ Research Associate when the Journal was created, and Dr. Olivier Moréteau, Editor-in-Chief, regards him as a co-founder.

The LSU Law Center is grateful to Dr. Agustín Parise and his wife Dr. Julieta Marotta, LL.M. LSU 2007, who had to stay at home to take care of their baby Valentin, born in October 2017.

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