Robert Pascal: A Priest of Right Order is … Ready to Order!

Professor Emeritus Robert Anthony Pascal passed away in January 2018, at the age of 102. His life was devoted to the study and teaching of law, and he educated generations of lawyers at LSU, with no less ambition than making them “priests of good order,” as he was fond of saying. With the help of Claitor’s Publishing and the loving support of the family, the CCLS has arranged for publication of Robert Anthony Pascal: A Priest of Right Order, a collection of his memoirs and best writings, edited by Olivier Moréteau. Originally available online on the CCLS website, the book is now in print, with an added foreword by the editor.

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  1. Christopher L. Blakesley says:

    Bob Pascal was my friend. What a good, interesting, lovely, enigmatic man he was. Thank you for publishing this!
    Christopher L. Blakesley, Professor Emeritus, LSU. Professor Emeritus, UNLV.

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