The CCLS Welcomes Three French Interns

For the seventh consecutive year, between March and June, the Center of Civil Law Studies hosts three interns from the Université de Nantes Master in Trilingual Legal Studies, as part of the Training Multilingual Jurists Program, sponsored by the Partner University Fund (PUF). Though the PUF program is now coming to an end, the cooperation between LSU and Nantes is strongly established and will continue in the years to come.

New translation projects have been started this year: under the supervision of Prof. Olivier Moréteau, Camille Audebaud, Laura Potvain, and Yasmina Saadane started the translation from English into French of the Uniform Commercial Code. They also translated from French into English a law review article presenting the recent French reform of contractual obligations, to be later published in the Journal of Civil Law Studies.

Trois perles de la traduction juridique en visite à La Nouvelle-Orléans

Every Tuesday and Thursday the group meets during two hours to revise the translation work.

From left to right, Laura Potvain, CCLS Coordinator Christabelle Lefebvre, Camille Audebaud, and Yasmina Saadane.

The three interns with their program director.

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