Nigerian Senators and Consultants Visit the LSU Energy Law Program

During the second week of May, approximately one dozen Nigerian Senators and consultants visited the LSU Law Center to learn about oil & gas regulation and taxation.  The visit comes at a time that the Nigerian legislature is considering proposals to substantially change the nation’s petroleum laws.  LSU Law Professor Keith Hall provided the Senators with an overview of oil & gas regulation in the United States and in Louisiana.  Professor Patrick H. Martin and Adjunct Professor Pat Ottinger elaborated on state regulation of oil and gas activities, and Mark Boudreaux, who serves as Special Advisory to LSU’s Energy Law Center, discussed federal regulations.

LSU has traditionally been a leading school for the study of U.S. oil & gas law—and the school is quickly developing a reputation for international oil and gas law.  Professor Keith Hall teaches International Petroleum Transactions at LSU and he taught the same subject for two summers at Baku State University in Azerbaijan.  He also is active in the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators.  In addition, LSU recently has hosted visits by oil and gas scholars from the United Kingdom and Norway, and Professor Patrick H. Martin has extensive experience in international oil and gas matters.

Professor Keith Hall addressing the Nigerian Delegates

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