Professor Francois Du Toit Presents on South African Law

Prof. Francois Du Toit, Senior Lecturer at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, visited at the LSU Law Center (October 7 to 24) as a guest of the CCLS, to conduct comparative law research, in the areas of successions and trusts. He gave two presentations during his visit, one on the South African Trust, as a guest of Prof. Elizabeth Carter, and one on the legal system of South Africa, upon invitation of the International Law Society.

Prof. Du Toit is South Africa’s national correspondent for the Journal of Civil Law Studies, where he has published South Africa РTrusts and the Patrimonial Consequences of Divorce: Recent Developments in South Africa (Volume 8, 2015) and Criticism of the Testamentary Undue Influence Doctrine in the United States: Lessons for South Africa? (Volume 6, 2013).

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