Welcome to Café Français and Que Pasa PMH

imagesVous parlez français? un peu? Come to the Café français, every Friday with an odd number, starting August 19 (tomorrow) and running all semester.

¿Habla español? ¿un poco? Do attend Que Pasa PMH, every Friday with an even number, starting August 26 and running all semester.

Time & Venue: CCLS/West Conference Room (W326B), 12:40 to 1:40 pm.

Format: informal conversation in French (café français) or Spanish (Que Pasa PMH). Coffee is served. Bring your lunch or goodies. Occasionally we have a presenter and you can volunteer. Informal atmosphere guaranteed to practice even minimal language skills and learn from one another.



Café français: Prof. Olivier Moréteau et Madame Marie-Antoinette olivier.moreteau@law.lsu.edu

Que Pasa PMH: LSU Hispanic Law Student Association (HLSA), President: Tatiana Torres, VP: Carolina De La Peña, Secretary: Matt Boles. hlsalsulaw@gmail.com

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