LSU French Visitors at the Louisiana Supreme Court

On the occasion of the visit of Dr. Enrica Bracchi and Dr. Dominique Garreau, Associate Professors at the University of Nantes (April 5 to April 15), a visit to New Orleans was organized, including a reception at the French Consulate and a tour of the Louisiana Supreme Court. This gave a chance to French intern Lucie Talet and the CCLS team to visit or revisit the Law Library of Louisiana and marvel at some of the rare books. Miriam Childs, Acting Director, had a chance to display the recently purchased original edition of the miniature French Civil Code printed, like the well known standard version, in the year 1804.

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4 Responses to LSU French Visitors at the Louisiana Supreme Court

  1. Miriam Childs says:

    Great photos! It was so nice meeting all of you and sharing our Rare Books.

    • moreteau says:

      Thank you Miriam! Note that I created a ‘Louisiana Supreme Court’ category on the blog and cataloged earlier entries.

  2. Miriam Childs says:

    Excellent! I will have a look at the Louisiana Supreme Court category. Collecting all the good stuff in one spot!

  3. The front picture of the Louisiana Supreme Court is really nice and love to see them all together. I think that was a great meetings as well. Thank you so much and I appreciate this type of meetings.

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