LSU Law Student Adrian Smith studies in French at Université de Nantes

FACE_LOGO_MASTER_PROGRAMS2L Adrian P. Smith grew up in Cajun Louisiana where, despite a French language and culture revival, too many young people speak English only. With a French mother and some elementary school experience in Western France, he speaks very good French. He is the first LSU law student to study a full semester at Université de Nantes, one of our partner schools in France. For this he receives scholarship money from the Partner University Fund “Training Multilingual Jurists.”

In addition to his course work, he started this week an internship at Clyde & Co, a law firm specialized in maritime law. He has plans for another significant work experience this summer at Cheuvreux Notaires, the largest firm of notaries in Paris, where he will work with some of the finest real estate attorneys in the country.

Adrian’s story proves the relevance of the LSU legal education model in a global world: the combination of a civil law and common law based training with the practice of foreign languages can take you a long way, especially when embarking on our study abroad programs and seeking guidance for some professional experience overseas.




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