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On June 1, Prof. Olivier Moréteau gave a presentation at the Maastricht University European Private Law Institute as part of the M-EPLI Talks. 2 former LSU Distinguished Foreign Visitors, 3 LSU LL.M. graduates, 2 former CCLS Research Associates, 3 current CCLS Contributing Fellows were in attendance: Prof. Jan Smits, M-EPLI Director, Prof. Michael Faure, METRO Director, Dr. Agustin Parise, Julieta Marotta-Parise, Alexandru-Daniel On, and Dr. Matthias Martin (visiting from Nancy, a former M-EPLI speaker).

Prof. Moréteau jokingly said, before presenting on How Codes Connect to Legal Systems: Revisiting the Concept of Code through a Study of Peripheral Provisions (a draft chapter of his forthcoming Comparative Legal History research book), that it felt as if the Director of the LSU CCLS Baton Rouge annex was visiting the LSU CCLS headquarters in Maastricht!


Prof. Jan Smits, M-EPLI Director and LSU Distinguished Visitor 2006, introduces Prof. Olivier Moréteau


From left to right, Julieta Marotta (LLM 2007), Dr. Agustin Parise (LLM 2006, former CCLS Research Associate), Dr. Matthias Martin (CCLS Foreign Researcher 2014), Alexandru-Daniel On (LLM 2013, former CCLS Research Associate) and Dr. Olivier Moréteau (CCLS Director)


Olivier Moréteau, Christa and Jan Smits

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