Matt Dyson Shares Views on Tortious Apples and Criminal Oranges

Dr. Matthew Dyson, is a fellow of Trinity College, Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge (U.K.), where he teaches torts, contracts, Roman law, and comparative law. His research has been on how the borderline between tort and crime has changed in different jurisdictions in the last few hundred years.

During a one-day visit to the LSU Law Center, Wednesday, April 8, 2015, Matt Dyson presented remarks on his present research: Tortious Apples and Criminal Oranges, a chapter of his forthcoming Comparing Tort and Crime. Dr. Dyson is the author of Unravelling Tort and Crime, Cambridge University Press, 2014, and a contributor to the Comparative Legal History book project (edited by A. Masferrer, K. Modeer, O. Moréteau), forthcoming in the Research Handbooks in Comparative Law, Edward Edgar. He is the Secretary General of the European Society for Comparative Legal History.

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