Postcard from Israel: Greg Everett, First LSU Law Student to Study in Tel Aviv and Work at the Israeli Supreme Court

3L Greg Everett is spending the entire academic year at the University of Tel Aviv, ending with externship experience at the Israeli Supreme Court. He writes:

Greetings from Tel Aviv, Professor Moreteau!  The weather certainly feels as good as it looks in these photographs.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here in Tel Aviv.  The architecture in certain neighborhoods bears a close resemblance to New Orleans, but with the weather of San Diego.  The classes have been very interesting, as the students hail from all over the world, bringing insights from their respective judicial systems.  The coursework has been very demanding, but there is always time for a walk to the beach.

I’ve just started working at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, which requires me to make the bus commute about 3x/week.  From a comparative law perspective, the experience can’t be beat.  Thanks to yourself and the rest of the LSU team for making this possible.  I look forward to seeing you guys in May!

Greg, Holly, and Remy

More news to follow regarding the work at the Supreme Court. We wish Greg and his family all the best in this very inspiring experience!


Greg Everett with his son Remy

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