The CCLS Translation Team

Twice a week from April to June, Prof. Olivier Moréteau meets with Alexandru-Daniel On, CCLS Research Associate, Dr. Matthias Martin, visiting researcher from Université de Lorraine, Oriane Defoix, Georgia Fabris and Mélissa Richard, Interns from université de Nantes, to revise, discuss, and finalize the translation work prepared by the three interns. By the end of the 2014 summer campaign, approximately two thirds of the Louisiana Civil Code will have been translated into French.

The pictures features the whole team, with Jennifer Lane, CCLS Coordinator.


From left to right, Alexandru-Daniel On, Jennifer Lane, Oriane Defoix, Mélissa Richard, Georgia Fabris, Prof. Olivier Moréteau, and Dr. Matthias Martin.

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  1. Miriam Childs says:

    I’m glad I got to meet you all today! Hope you enjoyed the Law Library’s rare treasures!

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