Professor Michel Séjean

Dr. Michel Séjean, Associate Professor at Université Paris 2, was promoted to the rank of full professor (professeur agrégé) after his brilliant success at the French national agrégation competition. In 2009, Professor Michel Séjean spent five months in Louisiana, for the purpose of a research visit at the LSU Center of Civil Law Studies, where he worked on the final chapters of his doctoral dissertation and participated in two CCLS projects: translation into French of some chapters of the Louisiana Civil Code and translation into French of the Principles of European Tort Law. In June 2012, Michel Séjean married Claire, in French Burgundy: Louisiana music and beads were part of the event. Michel Séjean is now a law professor at the University of Southern Brittany (Université de Bretagne Sud) in Vannes. The LSU Law Center wishes Michel and Claire all the best in their new life, hoping to welcome them back to Baton Rouge in the months and years to come.


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