Law and Economics for Civil Law Systems

Ejan Mackaay, Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Montreal, just published Law and Economics for Civil Law Systems (Edward Elgar, 2013). Part I of the book describes the foundations of law and economics, for audiences primarily familiar with civil law systems. Part II, starting with a presentation of the Coase theorem, covers legal institutions such as property and real rights, intellectual property rights, extra-contractual civil liability, and contracts. This English version is built on Ejan Mackaay and Stéphane Rousseau, Analyse économique du droit, Dalloz/Thémis, 2008. Another good source in French is Thierry Kirat, Économie du droit, 1999.

Civilians are more and more responsive to law and economics. The Journal of Civil Law Studies has previously explored this area, with “Mergers and Acquisitions Comparative Economic Analysis of Laws: France vs. USA,” by Georges A. Cavalier & Thomas Straub (2 J. Civ. L. Stud. 147 (2009)), and will soon publish “Economic Questions Concerning the Rules for the Transfer and Publicity of Immovable Property,” by Luz M. Martínez Velencoso (6 J. Civ. L. Stud. (2013)).

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