Update – The exam will have only multiple-choice questions. (Some questions will only have 2 choices – true/false.)

I have posted some study questions on Moodle so you can get a sense of the types of questions that will be on the exam. These are sample questions and are not meant to be comprehensive. The slides and presentation materials are a good review of the key information in the course when you are preparing for the exam. If any questions depend on detailed information about a statute or regulation, the statute or regulation will be provided as part of the exam materials. You need to know the names of major cases to the extent that you can answer questions that refer to the case, such as, In the Doe case, the court held that National Security Letters were constitutional. T/F

The exam is in class, closed book, using Exam4. The exam questions will be on paper – it is not embedded in the software. If this is a problem for you, you should talk to Assoc. Dean Henry for any necessary accommodation.

If you feel any of the multiple-choice questions are problematic, you may add a section to your exam in the Exam4 software to list the question number, your answer, and your comments for each problematic question. I read these before the exams are graded and exclude any questions that I agree are problematic.

Exam Q & A – I will post questions from students and my answers on this page to assure that any important information is available to all students. The most recent questions will be posted at the top.