When Can the President Withdraw From the Open Skies Treaty?

We discussed that the president can unilaterally withdraw from treaties. What if Congress has put conditions on withdrawal?

Assessing Emergency Powers During #COVID-19

Assignment 27


We are going to read Chapter 14 – Cyber Operations from the new edition of your text. I distributed this in class before classes were canceled. I know many of you were absent, so I have put the PDF of the chapter on Moodle. Please do not share this file or post it anywhere.

In Cyberwar, There are No Rules

Short article in the FT.

Department of Defense Cyber Strategy – Summary (2018)

This is the most recent report.

Teaching Materials

The video and PowerPoints for Chapter 14 will be posted as part of Assignment 28 since the Dark Web materials are long.

Understanding the Basics of the Dark WebSlides (as PDF)Understanding the Basics of the Dark Web – transcript

This is an introduction to the dark web by the IRS. It provides a useful background for cybersecurity. I have included it because it is aimed at tax practitioners and lawyers. This is valuable information for all lawyers, not just those involved in national security.

Resource Documents

DoD Law of War Manual – June 2015 Updated Dec 2016

CRS – Dark Web (2017)

DOD Digital Modernization Strategy 2019 –

DoD Cybersecurity Chart (2019)

National Cyber Strategy (White House) (2018)

Home Land Security Cybersecurity Strategy (2018)