Assignment 18 – Class Introduction

Counterterrorism Law – News Update Wednesday, March 25 2020

Video – Chapter 17Slides – Chapter 17

Video – Chapter 18Slides – Chapter 18

Video – EO 12,333Executive Order 12.333 (2008)

Going Forward

We are now in uncharted waters. Given the rapid spread of the disease, closing the university makes good sense. Our moving online will assure you do not lose credits and will be able to graduate on time. Parts of law school can work well as online education and other parts will suffer. Even the parts that can work well take a lot more development time than a week’s notice. The faculty will do our best, and we will try to assure that you – the students – do not suffer more than is unpreventable from this abrupt change.

The procedure in this class will change from day to day assignments tied to specific days in class to a series of assignments to be completed as you are able. You will need to work through all of them by the end of the term, but you have the flexibility to work as your schedule permits.  This recognizes that many of you have personal responsibilities that have expanded since the closing of the university, K-12 schools, and many businesses. You will need to read more and work more independently. Since this is the way you will have to work once you graduate, it will be a good transition to your post-law school world. We will still do an emailed-in take-home exam, which works well with our move to online.

I  have created an Online Class Question Page. If you email questions to me that I think should be shared with the class, I will post the question (deidentified) and the answer on this page. Please feel free to ask questions about the course and about the materials and will answer as quickly as I can.

Additional materials for last class

Introduction to the Packet-Switched World – video of the presentation from class. I recorded this for folks who had to miss last class (March 12) (Please excuse the low production values.) (Reposted as YouTube link)


U.S. combats martial law conspiracy theories as the National Guard assists in coronavirus response

These maps use phone data to track social distancing

11 countries are now using people’s phones to track the coronavirus pandemic, and it heralds a massive increase in surveillance

Why Germany’s coronavirus death rate is so much lower than other countries’ rates

How South Korea Flattened the Curve

Louisiana COVID-19 Cases

Readings for Assignment 18

We did not get to Chapters 17 & 18 and relevant supplement materials last class. (I was worried that we would go online and wanted to do the introduction to the Internet live.) They are the readings for this assignment.


Joint Publication 2-01 – Joint and National Intelligence Support to Military Operations – 5 July 2017

The Church Committee Reports

Marshall Curtis Erwin, Intelligence Issues for Congress 5 (Cong. Res. Serv. RL33539), Apr. 23, 2013

CIA, Notes from our Attic: A Curator’S Pocket History of the CIA (2014)