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LSU has canceled foreign study programs because of coronavirus and is considering canceling in-person classes if there is an outbreak in Baton Rouge. If in-person classes are canceled, I give you specific information about class on this blog. I am prepared to post online lectures and narrated PowerPoint slides, and we can use Moodle for review quizzes. We can also use the Moodle discussion forum, email, and Zoom. Since testing has just begun in Louisiana, our lack of cases is more likely a lack of information. It is likely that we will have local cases before too long, at which point the university will make a determination about in-person classes. Since our exam is a takehome, we are in good shape there. I will post it on Moodle and you will return it by email to my AA so there will not need to be any in-person visits to the school.


Intel community faces an uphill battle combating leaks after mistrial in major case

Coronavirus Shuts Federal Courtrooms in Washington State


Team 2 is up.

We are finishing our review of the role of Homeland Security with a discussion of the domestic use of the military. This is a timely topic as concerns grow over potential civil unrest if the coronavirus spreads. Read Chapter 39 in our text, and be sure to read the supplement materials.

Slides – Chapter 39


The Posse Comitatus Act and Related Matters: The Use of the Military to Execute Civilian Law – CRS (2018)