The court rejected the application of Bivens in Hernandez v. Mesa, the cross-border shooting case. Thomas, joined by Gorsuch, went farther and asked the court to overrule Bivins, eliminating the court created right to sue federal employees for civil rights violations. The only remedy left would be the FTCA and anything additional provided by Congress.

U.S.-Taliban Peace Talks May Be Edging Closer To A Deal

Coronavirus Updates

HHS Secretary Azar: ‘I’m still chairman of the task force’ on coronavirus after Trump says Pence is leading response


Team 2 – Chapter 11 – How we Go to War: Lessons from Vietnam, plus material from the supplement.

I will briefly review the Vietnam War. We will focus on the material in the study guide. Globally, note how few legal constraints the court has allowed on presidential war-making powers.

Guide Chap – 11

Viet Nam War Resources:

The Draft and the Vietnam War

VA Data
August 4, 1964 – January 27, 1973
Total who served in all Armed Forces: 8,744,000 (WWII – 16,112,566 over 5 years)
Deployed to Southeast Asia: 3,403,000

Battle Deaths: 47,424 (WWII – 291,557)
Other Deaths (In Theatre): 10,785
Wounded: 153,303 (WWII – 671,846)
Medals of Honor: 238

US Military casualties – Iraq – 4k -Afghanistan – 2k

Vietnam — Map of contemporary Vietnam –  Historical Atlas –  Pre-Vietnam War History  – War Timeline – The last US helicopter out of Vietman

The Truth about Tonkin (US Naval Institute)

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Indonesia – Map of Indonesia – 1950-1965 – 1965-1998

Movie about the beginning of the US involvement in Vietman

War Powers Resolution