Cyberlaw Podcast – update on espionage trial and other news.

This podcast also has a great discussion about the current conflicts between European privacy standards and those in the US and why this might interfere with national security surveillance.

The Coronavirus and the Constitution


I am concerned about the low level of preparation for class. I am dividing the class into two teams. One team will be on call for each class. Everyone needs to read the materials, but I will call on the assigned team for questions about the assigned material. (Everyone is fair game for general information and policy questions.) You will only need to be intensely prepared one day a week, but you can count on getting called on more often on your team’s day. Do not cut class on your team’s day – that counts against you if I see a pattern. If we do not finish the material, the originally assigned team stays on deck until we finish it.

Team 1

Team 2

Emily Barbera Samuel Bua
Nicholas Chauvin Indigo Diekmann
Kirstyn Frank Blane Mader
Alexandre Makhoul Michael Maldonado
Colin Munn Kyle O’Shea
John Oakes Olivia Ogden
Alexandria Otero Christian Redmon
Phillip Reed Marcus Sandifer
Michael Schouest Courtney Troxclair
Christopher Versak Eliana Wackerman
Stephen Williams


Review of State Secrets

D. EVIDENTIARY HURDLES: THE STATE SECRETS PRIVILEGE, p. 161 to the end of Chapter 6. I will review this in class.

Team 1

Chapter 7 and the two additions from the supplement.

Guide – Chapter 7 – please use this in doing your readings. I have narrowed the material that we will be considering in the chapter.