The New York Times: The Secret Death Toll of America’s Drones.

Bezos investigator’s accusations of Saudi hacking raise questions for government


Finish discussion of Chapter 26

Slides – Chapter 26 – Screening for Security

Read Chapter 15 and the supplement materials. (This was previously assigned.) These are the cyber war materials. I have postponed these from where they are in the book order because I think they make more sense after we have discussed the basics of the internet and data collection/surveillance. We will begin discussion of these materials if we have time after finishing Chapter 26.

Slides – Chapter 15 – Cyber Operations

In Cyberwar, There are No Rules

This is an interesting background article that just came to my attention. Read it if you have time as background.


DoD Cybersecurity Chart (2019)

Department of Defense Cyber Strategy – Summary (2018)

National Cyber Strategy (White House) (2018)

Home Land Security Cybersecurity Strategy (2018)