Day 15 – November 26


We were able to finish our presentations last class, so we do not meet class today.

Day 14 – November 19


Day 13 – November 19



Day 12 – Nov 5


We will determine the order for presentations by drawing lots, then you can set up your own market to reallocate slots.

If you have not done so yet, watch the video from the last class. We will discuss it in class.

Roy K. Dokka, Louisiana’s Coast is on life-support. Can the Coast be Saved? An August 26th, 2010 Presentation to the LSU Law School (PowerPoint)

We are going to discuss resilience planning for living in Louisiana and New Orleans – what is a rational approach to limiting your risk if you plan on living in a high-risk area? Think in practical terms, recognizing the role of emotion and realities of housing and other constraints. What about your employer – are they ready to survive another major flood?

Good update on the California fires

Day 11 – October 29


No reading, but we will watch a video on the coast. This is a presentation by the late Prof. Roy Dokka to my seminar in 2009. He brought modern measurement techniques to subsidence in southern Louisiana. I just recovered this video from video oblivion, since it appeared to have been lost.

Roy K. Dokka, Louisiana’s Coast is on life-support. Can the Coast be Saved? An August 26th, 2010 Presentation to the LSU Law School (PowerPoint)

Future schedule

Nov 5

Class day or paper day, to be decided.

Nov 12


Nov 18


Nov 26

Finish presentations, if necessary

Day 10 – October 22

Working on papers

Day 9 – October 15


Finish presentations

Discuss materials from last classes, plus think about the implications of these new reports:

Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Inundation: A Case Study of the Gulf Coast Energy Infrastructure

Bloomberg: FEMA Bought 44,000 Flood-Prone Homes. They May Have to Buy Millions More.

Evidence for sharp increase in the economic damages of extreme natural disasters

Mississippi’s Hancock County opposes $800M Louisiana coastal restoration project

Sea-level rise threatens 13 million Americans. Can FEMA help?

Trial Over Hurricane Flooding in Houston Wraps Up

Another attempt to turn am FTCA case into a takings case. If the Federal Court of Claims rules for plaintiffs, I expect to see the case overturned by the Federal Circuit.

Maybe flooding is not so bad

Day 8 – October 8


Nags Head revises local ordinance to retain 1-foot freeboard above BFE.

Tampa residents: Flood insurance just got cheaper


Continue presentations from last class.



Day 7 – October 1

Class presentations and discussion of presentations

We will discuss this new report:

Surging Waters: Science Empowering Communities in the Face of Flooding

Does it make sense to rebuild here?

Not for class, but for your interest – Impeachment materials, from Peter M. Shane, Harold H. Bruff, and Neil Kinkopf, Separation of Powers Law: Cases and Materials (4th ed. 2018), with permission.

Day 6 – September 24


We are not meeting class. The assignment is to have your topic finalized and your research started by the next class – Oct 1.  You will be expected to present a 5 minute overview of your topic and preliminary research for the class. In front of the class and with PowerPoint if you want. This week you need to be in touch with me by email to work on topics and research directions.