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Street Law, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing practical, participatory education about law, democracy, and human rights.  Through its philosophy and programs, people are empowered to transform democratic ideals into citizen action.

The Youth Act!® program includes curriculum, training, and practical assistance to help young people develop the leadership and vision to advocate for meaningful change in their communities.  Typically delivered through community-based youth programs or infused into social studies, civics and health classes, this program harnesses diverse learning styles and abilities laying the foundation for young citizens to make a difference throughout their lives.

This new program will allow LSU Law Students to go into area schools, and teach young students about the importance of leadership and becoming a source of positive change in their community.

Dates for Street Law training coming soon.

Please email Education and Youth Outreach Hannah Mayeaux for more information (see officers tab under contact us).

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