While volunteering with Southeastern Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS), students have the opportunity to work for individual attorneys in the areas of family law, employment law, evictions, and social security/disability.

Interested in volunteering? Please contact Marina Wilson (mwil335@lsu.edu).

Current Pro-Bono Opportunities at SLLS: (Updated 9/11/19)

The Bar Exam

The upcoming Bar Exam is looking for volunteers! The Pub Bar Exam is something we are very excited about! It is a fundraiser that would continue support for the work we do in helping low-income families overcome legal barriers. We are looking for volunteers prior to the event (October 16th) and on the day of. I have attached the flyer as well with the general information on the event.

Day of event tasks includes: greet visitors, help set up, help with questions, and keeping tally of questions and results.
Prior tasks: looking for sponsors as well as donors for our silent auctions.
Our two Baton Rouge units

(1)The Family Law Unit handles cases of divorce, custody, and domestic violence, including obtaining protective orders. As a volunteer in this unit you are able to support in a wide capacity of ways such as interviewing clients, court filings, legal research, drafting legal pleadings, memoranda, and petitions. Depending on education and experience level students may have the opportunity to handle divorce cases through completion. Additionally, experiences in this unit could lead to volunteering at the Family Justice Center with SLLS attorneys and supporting their mission of ending family violence by providing legal aid. To volunteer with this project, you may need to complete a background check.

(2)General Litigation (Successions, Employment Law, Public Benefits, Consumer Law, Bankruptcies, Title Clearing, Power of Attorney, Special Education, landlord/tenant disputes and more.) Any case that does not fall under the Family Law Unit is considered to be in the General Litigation Unit. All applications for any volunteer work in the Baton Rouge office or remotely can be completed through this Airtable application.

Self Help Desks

We have SLLS Self Help Desks in St. Tammany, Lafourche, and Terrebonne. If you would like to learn more about that there’s some general information on our website.

Remote Work

Regarding remote work, we are looking for 2-3 students per office and it will involve research projects with a focus on legal research and writing. All applications for any volunteer work in the Baton Rouge office or remotely can be completed through this Airtable application.

Live Help

Live Help is an option for remote hours. Live help involves shifts of web assistance learning more about laws and resources available. This is run by Lisa Stansky in the New Orleans office (lstansky@slls.org).

Informational Flyers:

One Stop Homeless Services Center of Baton Rouge

2019 BR Bar Exam (1) (1)