The Big Buddy Program has been chosen as PILS’ designated philanthropy this school year, meaning PILS will be raising funds this school year to donate to the program through various fundraising events. The Big Buddy Program’s mission is to “build a community of mentoring relationships that advance and inspire our youth to create meaningful change” and “[whose] vision is that every child has a positive role model and village to make good choices, resulting in a healthy and rewarding life.”

A unique feature about the Big Buddy Program is that you can not only make monetary donations through participating in PILS fundraisers, but you can also donate your time by volunteering! There are several different programs within Big Buddy with varying time commitments, so you can commit as little or as much time as you choose. These programs kick off on October 3rd. More information will be provided by the director of Big Buddy at the next PILS General Meeting on September 19th. Be sure to attend the meeting for some goodies from the Big Buddy Program and to buy some delicious desserts at our bake sale! 

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