2023 PILS Fellowship Application Coming Soon! – Deadline to Apply April 1st at 6pm

Fellowships Generally

The LSU administration, through the Public Interest Law Society, awards summer fellowships to selected students with uncompensated public interest employment. The fellowship will fund their summer employment at an hourly rate. Each year, the fellowship selection is competitive and not all students are selected to receive a PILS Summer Fellowship.

Fellowship Process

Before you apply for a PILS Summer Fellowship, you need to have uncompensated summer employment lined up. Compensation includes EITHER payment or class credit. Once you have a job lined up, you’ll need to complete the Fellowship Application, available online on the PILS website. Your completed application must be emailed directly to the PILS Fellowship Chair, Karleigh Gwyn, kgwyn3@lsu.edu by April 1st at 6PM.

Following your paper application, you will have an interview in front of members of the PILS Executive Board and the Faculty to determine whether to award you a Summer Fellowship. The interviewers are looking at four criteria in determining awards: 1) demonstrated commitment to public service; 2) Quality and nature of the job position; 3) future commitment to public service; and 4) Whatever other factors the committee may deem relevant (AKA, your “Star Factor”).

Following your interview, the Committee will select their choices for fellowship recipients. That list will be sent to the administration for approval. Once the administration approves the list, Karleigh Gwyn will contact you about the fellowship awards.

Qualified Employment

You may apply for a Public Interest Fellowship for all uncompensated employment except clerkships with a state or federal judge. It is up to you in your application and interview to make the connection between your employment opportunity and public service.

Relationship to the Externship Program

Students who also want to apply for an externship as an alternative to the Summer Fellowship are encouraged to do so. To do so, timely apply for the “Create your own” externship and note on the application that you are also applying for a PILS Fellowship. Once Fellowship results are announced, let Professor Brooks know whether you are continuing with the externship program or withdrawing your application.

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