Teen Court is a voluntary diversion program in which teens sentence their peers for first time misdemeanor offenses such as shoplifting, school altercations and damage to property.  Teen volunteers perform the roles of prosecuting and defense attorneys, bailiff and jurors. In Teen Court the defendant has admitted guilt, therefore the jury’s responsibility is to determine a constructive sentence.

Teen Court hearings are held in a local courthouse with strict confidentiality.  Licensed attorneys serve as judges. Defendants are questioned by both the teen defense and prosecution attorneys to determine the circumstances of the offense. After careful consideration of the facts and circumstances, the teen jury determines a fair and constructive sentence, which may include community service and participation in future teen court sessions, counseling, attending educational programs, writing essays and letters of apology and repaying the victim.

Teen Court volunteers will serve as jury monitors and guide the teen prosecutors and defense attorney in carrying out their duties properly.

To get involved with Teen Court, please contact Education and Youth Outreach Chair Hannah Mayeaux (see officers tab under contact us).

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