Leadership OpportunitiesĀ 

Want to join a committee? Email these officers to get started!

Congrats to our new 2023-2024 PILS Executive Officers!

  • President: Grey Fitzgerald
  • Pro Bono Chair: Kay Davis
  • Pro Bono Vice Chair: Matthew Broussard
  • Community Service Chair: Randi Williford
  • Community Service Vice Chair: Alaina Lacey
  • Education/Youth Outreach Chair: Meg Bertrand
  • Philanthropy Chair: Katie Day
  • Career/Fellowships Chair: Ryan McNeil
  • IT/Publicity Chair: Kayla Meyers
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Hannah Hummel

Congrats to our Fall 2022 appointed PILS Officers!

  • Section 1 Representative: Randi Williford
  • Section 2 Representative: Taylor Guice
  • Section 3 Representative: Matthew Broussard
  • Public Relations Director: Kayla Meyers
  • Webmaster: Hannah Hummel
  • Executive Assistants: Allison Adger & Eliza White

Interviews for appointed positions will be held at the beginning of the fall semester. Stay tuned for Application and Election updates!

(Updated 4/11/23)

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