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Meeting Minutes: Brief Explanation of Community Service v. Pro-Bono Hours Hours obtained after the finals period for externship or clinic work may apply. See the Articles of Organization for more info! Street Law hours obtained in 2019 onward are to be logged as community service. Careers & Fellowships EJW (Equal

Tshirt fundraiser! (links here)

*EDIT* sale has closed We have ~tshirts~ for purchase!! Here is the link to buy our Fall Day of Service tee https://www.bonfire.com/pils-fds-shirt-2019/ and here is the link to buy our Membership tee https://www.bonfire.com/pils-membership-tee/

Dance Marathon 2019!

Click HERE to go to LSU Law's Dance Marathon Page to sign up or donate to the cause! The LSU Law Dance Marathon team has 5 dancers this year! Please support their efforts to raise money #4thekids! All proceeds support sick children in the community and make sure they are exposed