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Volume III

Complete Index of Volume III



Conspiracy Theories and the Perils of Government Error Correction

Noah C. Chauvin


Look Away: The Impact of The Lost Cause on Civil Rights, Social Justice and Critical Race Theory, How Storytelling and Mythology Shaped American History 

Angela Downes


Citizen’s Arrest Doctrine: Enabling the Modern-Day Vigilante

Courtnee Green


Time is a Flat Circle: Lessons from Past and Present Conspiracy Theories

Lucy Jewel


The Grass is not Always Greener on the Other Side: The Use of Digital Astroturfing to Spread Disinformation and the Erosion of the Rule of Law 

Bárbara da Rosa Lazarotto


Time to SLAPP Back: Advocating Against the Adverse Civil Liberties Implications of Litigation that Undermines Public Participation 

Jennifer Safstrom



If not us, then who: Advocating for Change to Louisiana’s Drug Court Program

Dalton J. Delong


Put Your Mouth where the Money is: The Need for Federal Regulation of NIL rights in College Athletics 

Michael Thompson

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