First congressional hearings on climate change in 8 years

Democrats Formally Call for a Green New Deal, Giving Substance to a Rallying Cry

2018 was 4th hottest year on record for the globe

Another front in the war against science – vaccinations

While there is some overlap between anti-vaccine groups and anti-climate groups, there are also significant numbers of climate believers who are anti-vaccine.


Discuss a pragmatic view of adaption to climate change – risks and opportunities.

An overview of the Green New Deal and its politics.

Think about the timelines. The Clean Water Act, passed in 1972, set a deadline of 1983 to clean up all the waters of the United States. (While exempting about 50% of emissions.)

What about social justice issues? Are these in conflict with climate issues?

Proposed Legislation – Establishment of the Select Committee For A Green New Deal.

Review the details of this proposed legislation so we can discuss it in class.