Why Nobody Cares the President is Lying

Cultural cognition from the point of view of a conservative radio talk show host with second thoughts.

Changes to EPA’s Page on Federal Collaborations on Climate Change

Data quality act and the EPA WWW site

G.O.P. Hurries to Slash Oil and Gas Rules, Ending Industries’ 8-Year Wait

The methane flaring and leak rule is a big climate issue.

Climate Science Denial Shifts to a New Tactic Among Trump Appointees

California’s approach to sea level rise

Variability in climate over the past 2000 years

Initiative Aims to Help Cut Losses from Extreme Weather Events

Read this short piece and look at the risk graphic from the World Economic Forum. The full report: The Global Risks Report 2017 12th Edition. This is not assigned but it is a good resource on global risks, including political risks.

The Little Ice Age

We are looking at this because it is important to the climate change skeptic narrative. It is real, and it shows the importance of other factors than CO2 in climate.

The Little Ice Age – Literature Review – skim

The Little Ice Age – Overview and Video – read and watch video

2000 Years of Drought Variability in the Central United States – skim

The Effect of Sea Level Rise on Coasts

We are now starting our deep look at sea level rise and coasts, the most predictable effect of global warming.

Jennifer Howard et al., Clarifying the role of coastal and marine systems in climate mitigation, 15 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 42–50 (2017)

While this is a technical publication, it is mostly aimed at policy makers, not scientists. Read it to get a sense of the carbon sequestration role of wetlands and marine systems and the implications of their failure. Skip the technical parts you do not understand.


Natural Cycles and the Mississippi Delta