Wellness Outlets

A vital aspect of wellness consists of routine and balance. Below is a list of some local outlets for releasing stress and finding balance. Be sure to refer to the page calendar as well for future wellness events associated with the Law Center, such as law student group yoga or the running club. These are recommended outside resources not associated with Cornerstones.

Fleuxt – offers meditation and relaxation therapy in addition to dry salt classes and floatation tanks

The Red Shoes – a center for personal and spiritual growth (several classes postponed due to flooding, but stay posted for future events)

LSU UREC GroupX Fitness Classes – includes relaxation yoga, guided meditation, zumba, and cycling courses, all free to LSU law students

Treatment Options

Below is a list of several available treatment options in the Baton Rouge area — choosing a treatment option is highly personal and Cornerstones merely provides a list of known available options, please carefully chose your own provider.

Local Therapists

Group Sessions

Family Needs

Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Crisis Intervention Center/Suicide Phoneline

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