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Gulf Coast Tsunamis – NOAA

Gulf Coast Tsunamis: What you need to know. If you thought sinking land and rising seas were the only things we had to worry about in south Louisiana, think again. Tsunamis have now joined the list. Researchers with the National…

Flood Control History

The Nation’s Responses To Flood Disasters: A Historical Account Alexander, J.S., Wilson, R.C., and Green, W.R., 2012, A brief history and summary of the effects of river engineering and dams on the Mississippi River system and delta: U.S. Geological Survey…

Evacuation Roulette

The Isaac track continues to veer toward the mouth of the Mississippi and through New Orleans. The US model puts it right on that track. The average of the other models pulls it east, but those are changing. The gulf…

Coastal Denial – Flood, what flood?

Bay St. Louis, Miss., officials want high-water markers placed by the state at Mississippi Highway 603 and Interstate 10 camouflaged so they no longer commemorate the tragedies of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. … Councilman Doug Seal said the markers are detrimental to attracting businesses that might want to relocate here, especially on undeveloped property around the interstate and Highway 603 juncture.

Old River Control Structure

This is the gate on the Mississippi/Red River confluence that is the source of the Achafalaya River. At the moment it is flowing at nearly 300,000 CPS. This is as much as Morganza with all the bays open, and three…

The Mississippi River and Tributaries Project

The Mississippi River & Tributaries Project:Controlling the Flow – a description of the operation of the lower Mississippi flood control plan. (accessed May 8, 2011)

This is the Army Corps of Engineers explanation of the Mississippi River flood control system and how it would be used to control a flood. It details the the use of the floodways and the river flow levels that will trigger their use.[…]

The Worst Case in Disaster Planning

The Worst Case in Disaster Planning – Editorial, NOLA. – Good points in the editorial. I also think that we should look at the worst cases. However, politicians, and the disaster planners who work for them, usually do not want to admit that their plans do not cover the worst cases because that would require very unpopular actions[…]

Mississippi Flood History

The Mississippi Delta has always been defined by the sediment flow of the river and level of the ocean. Of these two, sediment flow is less important than ocean level – ocean level has varied more than 200 feet over…

The Japanese Tsunami and what it means to the US

Several areas of the United States are subject to tsunamis, and the coast north of San Francisco through the Canadian border has a history of catastrophic tsunamis. This report from FEMA details the tsunami risk in the United States: https://biotech.law.lsu.edu/climate/docs/japan_eq_tsunami_and_what_they_mean_for_the_us_03-17-2011.pdf…