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Stafford Act – Keystone of Federal Disaster Response

The Stafford Act provides the financial framework for the federal disaster response. It is implemented through presidential declaration of an emergency. The basics of this process are outlined in report from CRS:

Keith Bea, Federal Stafford Act Disaster Assistance: Presidential Declarations, Eligible Activities, and Funding, CRS-RL33053, March 16, 2010 (August 29, 2005 version)[…]

National Flood Insurance Program: Evaluation

National Flood Insurance Program: Evaluation (FEMA – 2006) Original Link The NFIP Evaluation Capstone Study summarizes what was done, what was learned, and recommendations made. It synthesizes the sub-study findings into a coherent report evaluating the aspects of the Program…

Congress Reforms the National Flood Insurance Program

Full Text of the Bill – Technical Correction Congressional Committee Report – Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 Homeland Security: Privacy Impact Assessment, National Flood Insurance Program Information Technology System, Oct. 12, 2012 Georgetown Climate Center Analysis of the Flood Insurance Reform…

Green Building and National Hazards

Green building strategies include minimizing building materials and building in ways that may increase risks from earthquakes, floods, hail, and wind. FEMA raises some of these issues in this report: Natural Hazards and Sustainability for Residential Buildings, FEMA P-798 /…