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Faulting on the Louisiana Coast

  Also see: Faults Basement Controls on Subsurface Geologic Patterns and Coastal Geomorphology across the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Subsidence Studies and Coastal Restoration, by Bryan P. Stephens. A self-narrated, animated slide-show of his award-winning paper (AAPG paper of…

Evacuation Risks on the Louisiana Coast

Kent, Joshua D. “Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Subsidence and Global Climate Change on Emergency Evacuation Routes in Coastal Louisiana,” 2012. Subsidence forecast models for coastal Louisiana were developed to estimate the change in surface elevations of evacuation routes for…

Louisiana DNR Redefines Coastal Zone Boundry

DNR Coastal Zone boundary study recommends additional regulated areas, new approaches to management


The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Office of Coastal Management on Wednesday delivered the results of a science-based study on the inland boundary of the state’s coastal zone[…]

A Deadly Coast

Southern Louisiana is the most endangered land in the United States. Some risk is due to man made factors, but much of the risk is secondary to long-term geologic and weather cycles that have periodically raised and then inundated the…