Category: Litigation

The Delta Cycle and the Future of Coastal Louisiana

Chris McLindon and Edward Richards – Board of Commissioners of SLFPA-E vs. Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., – Legal and Geological Evaluation (View in slide show mode to see the animations.) This is a summary presentation of the issues: Time and River:Coastal…

Liability for Disaster Predictions – The Italian Earthquake Case

Also see: Faults Alemanno, Alberto and Lauta, Kristian Cedervall, The L’Aquila Seven: Re-Establishing Justice after a Natural Disaster (July 1, 2014). European Journal of Risk Regulation, 2/2014. This article discusses the Italian case finding a group of earthquake scientists criminally liable…

Virginia Court Blocks FOIA Access to Climate Research Emails

The Climate Change Email Fight: Court recognizes proprietary value of university research communications – Am. Tradition Inst. v. Rector & Visitors of Univ. of Virginia, 756 S.E.2d 435 (Va. 2014) – Universities amicus brief.