Coastal Sea Level Rise Resources

Surging Seas – Flood risks with climate change on the US coast (Climate Central)

Excellent site for illustrating the current and future risk of sea level rise. It is also useful for showing what lower levees of hurricane storm tides would look like in a community, at least up to 10 feet. The only problem for Louisiana is that it starts with the sea level one foot about the current level, which is enough to flood most of the Louisiana coast.

A collection of reports and research on adaptation to climate change put together by James Titus, a sea level rise expert at the EPA. His thesis is that we must prepare now for future ocean rise. This is primarily by getting hardened structures off the coast so that the beaches and coastal wetlands can migrate inland. He has written extensively on concept of rolling easements as a way of managing coastal landowner rights in the face of sea level rise. For information about the genesis of this blog, see: and

Animated map of what Earth would look like if all the ice melted