Sunday Funday with Schwab: Table Kitchen and Bar

By: Emily Schwab

Most of us at PMH are no strangers to the Sunday blues. I for one can attest to the fact that one of the worst feelings in the world is waking up after an exciting weekend of GIFs, tailgating, and Tiger football, only to realize that tomorrow begins another excruciatingly long week of classes. At this point, we are faced with two options: sulk to the library and read for Fed Courts or ditch the books and pray that Devlin forgets your name tomorrow morning. Because I’m obviously partial to the latter option, in each issue I will review new and noteworthy places around town in an effort to ensure that your next Sunday is indeed a Funday. This month’s column will be kicked off with a review of one of Baton Rouge’s hottest food spots – Table Kitchen and Bar.


LSU Law Students Band Together to Rebuild After the Floods

By: Kathryn Jakuback

For most students at LSU Law, the last few days before the start of term are reserved for relaxation and preparation. By Thursday, August 11th, many students were only just approaching the jarring realization that textbooks had to be purchased and school supplies procured. While his classmates were making final arrangements to start school on the following Monday, Travis Simmons, 3L, was watching the news. (more…)

Student Spotlight – Kris Thompson

By: Patrick Schmidt

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So call me insane or Anthony Weiner or whatever you like because that’s exactly what this article will be this year. While you may not be getting indecent pictures from me, at least in this article, you will be gaining an insight into what makes some of PMH’s legends tick. First up is “Macho Man” Kris Thompson.


What’s New, Mr. Baton Rouge? – Getting “Live After 5”

By: Hunter Odom

Fall is one of my favorite seasons in Baton Rouge. With football in the air, leaves changing, and temperatures soon to be in decline, now is the time to be outside marinating in this fantastic weather. One way to do so is to head downtown on Friday evenings and enjoy the “Live After 5” concert series. From 5- 8pm at Repentance Park (on the riverside of City Hall next to the Old State Capitol), Live After 5 offers free live music and access to several food and beer vendors. (more…)

Dismissed with Prejudice: The Goblet of Church

It’s day one. I’m bright-eyed and ready to crush this law school thing. I walk into my first class and find a seat in the middle. I don’t want to look too eager but I also don’t want to be a slacker. I am so ready for today. I read the reading on battery like eight times. Class is starting! I’m so excited. I’m ready for anything. I got this. Professor Church says, “Ms. Towing? Carol Towing, where are you at?” OH. MY. GOD. What’s my last name?! Did he just call on me? How many more minutes of this torture must I endure? I’m sweating. My mouth is dry. My last name is definitely Towing. I want to crawl under the desk and hide. I know nothing. What is an element? He’s asking me a million questions. “INTENT. HARM. CONTACT. TENDER YEARS DOCTRINE.” Am I even forming sentences? I think he’s asking easy questions but I’m so focused on the little cup in Church’s hand, the fear of looking like an idiot, and the sweat that’s collecting under my armpits that I can’t formulate a coherent statement. (more…)

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